Author: Metka Starič (Zavod PARNAS)
Published: 17. 01. 2020
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Within the project “Uživam tradicijo – Enjoy Tradition” various culinary-tourism products have been developed, from culinary workshops and festivals to food tours and culinary walks. One of the partners of this project is the Parnas Institute, a non-governmental and non-profit organization that works in public interest in the field of culture (cultural heritage). As part of the project, it has created and organizes a number of interesting culinary walks through Velike Lašče and the surrounding area of Trubar Homestead.


Saturday culinary walks through Velike Lašče and Trubar Homestead in Rašica serve as a bridge between the understanding of heritage and local cuisine, and provide an attractive tourist experience.

How are culinary walks designed?

The culinary walks have been put on by connecting several local restaurateurs and their selected cuisine, food producers, local and interpretive guiding, as well as unique natural and cultural heritage. The walks follow existing or new, not too long or too demanding, routes. A cultural aesthetic experience, along with heritage interpretation, has been carefully planned. The culinary heritage is offered in small, aesthetically appealing tasting portions. Stories told by tourist guides and hosts acting as interpretive guides accompany and foster culinary heritage. The culinary walks are designed as circular routes with a starting point usually accessible by public transport, and with a parking space. Our aim is to minimize waste, to use reusable packaging and not to impose any unnecessary burden on nature.

Who are they intended for?

Culinary walks are intended for interested individuals, smaller groups looking for culinary stories, closed interest groups and casual visitors of a destination who want to join guided programmes. Locals, who want to fully experience the interweaving of heritage and local cuisine, are also always willing to accept the invitation. In addition, we do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions with advance notice.

Available culinary walks

The culinary offer includes three Saturday culinary walks which foster the celebration of Environmental Day, the municipal holiday, or are held during the Christmas Bread Festival in Velike Lašče:

The Day of Enchanting Plants (Rašica-Ponikve-Male Lašče-Rašica, 3-4 hours, May)

Whose is Krpan (Velike Lašče–Retje–Prilesje–Dvorska vas–Velike Lašče 3-4 hours, June)

13 Great Shrines (around pubs in Velike Lašče, accompanied by Minister Pucelj – 2 hours, December)

Information and reservations:

Parnas Institute (Zavod Parnas),,, 041 833 456

The Parnas culinary walks are the result of collaboration between heritage communities (restaurateurs from Velike Lašče, the cultural and artistic association KUD Primož Trubar, the Municipality of Velike Lašče, and the Parnas Institute) within the cross-border project “Uživam tradicijo – Enjoy Tradition” – Interreg V-A Slovenia-Croatia.

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